Horse training & mortgage pre approval

Dated: November 26 2019

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Horse training and mortgage pre approval - totally the same thing right?

So this is my horse, Brooks. He is a four year old registered quarter horse, and I have started him from the very beginning. So what do mortgages have to do and getting pre-approved with starting a horse? When I got him, he was a bit wild and unstarted and I start him in a round pen. And we make sure our foundation is there before we move onto this next step. Before I'm able to put a saddle on him, before I'm able to ride him, I want to make sure that foundation is there. So we go into the round pen and we have a conversation. And that conversation is through body language. So I ask him questions with my body language and he gives me a reply back. So I need to make sure that that communication is super clear before we can even think about putting that saddle on. Otherwise it's going to end up being a wreck. So when you're going to look at houses, this is his favorite thing to do. He likes to smell. He's like a golden retriever anyways. Now he's fogged up my glasses. So when you're going to look at houses, you get pre-approved first. You spend that time getting your foundation there so you know what the next step is. You're fully prepared for that next step. If you go and look at houses and you're not pre-approved, you haven't done your foundation, you haven't done your groundwork, and we haven't sat down and had a conversation about what your expectations are because we're going to have a conversation. I'm going to ask you a lot of questions just like I ask him, but the beauty of asking you questions is you're able to communicate in English rather than through horse body language and horse communication. So before you go out and look at houses, make sure you have your foundation right. Make sure that you have your pre-approval in place, 100%, all your documents in before you're ready to saddle up and go and look at properties. Tiffany Munsey A Licensed REALTOR® 778.214.4843 eXp Realty
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Horse training & mortgage pre approval

Horse training and mortgage pre approval - totally the same thing right?Video Blog: Horse Training and MortgagesSo this is my horse, Brooks. He is a four year old registered quarter horse, and I

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